Francisco Studios

Monthly 24/7 Rehearsal Spaces for Musicians

My band Flood of Souls has been with Francisco Studios for four years now.  I couldn't think of a better place to house the Fyshtank.  Kreston is top notch when it comes to running this place.  It's kept clean and well maintained.  He is on top of security issues before they become an issue.  I feel great knowing my band equipement is in good hands when I leave at night.  I wouldn't even think of moving my band anywhere else.  You can't beat the price for everything you get from being here.


Our band has been practicing at Francisco Studios since 2008.  The best place in Denver!  And that is no lie!  Clean, affordable, and secure.  Not one single complaint!  Keep on rockin', Francisco!


We love our studio - you got the best spaces in the valley!

- 69 SINS - 

Ahh J'Yeh! 29th Ave. and Osborn represent. Great spaces. Franciscos rules.


 Thanks guys as we are clients in the Phoenix location!!  We signed recently and I think we have a shout out on our album for Francisco.