Francisco Studios

Monthly 24/7 Rehearsal Spaces for Musicians

Francisco Studios began as a 1 room experiment in Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco in 1976.  Although we have expanded considerably since the early days, it’s still run the same way – as an unconventional family business catering to the needs of musicians.  Musicians from all different walks of life practice in our spaces – young kids that have just gotten a band together for fun, experienced bands that are still trying to make it in the music business, established bands that just need a place to practice and store their stuff in between tours, drummers who are interested in honing their chops, and middle-aged professionals who have a passion for rocking out on the weekends.  Bands come and go (individual members lose jobs or relocate; bands break up), but fortunes turn, new bands are formed, and when they do, they often come back to practice with us.

click here for the story behind Francisco Studios (video) 

 We’ve been renting rehearsal spaces to musicians since 1976.  With over 600 studios across 4 states, we are the largest      music rehearsal business in the country.  We are confident that our experience will translate into the best possible practice    space for you.


 Prefer rehearsing with your thrash metal band at full volume at 2 in the morning on Sundays?  Maybe you feel the road to    success means practicing twelve hours a day, everyday?  Not a problem--you have access to your rehearsal space 24 hours a  day, 7 days a week.  No hauling and re-hauling equipment every time you want to practice.  You also don’t share your room  with anyone else, so you don’t have to negotiate schedules or worry about anyone messing with your gear.


 Most of our rooms range in price from $250 to $500.  Moving in cost simply includes the first month’s rent and (sometimes) a  deposit.  Your deposit is refundable if you give us 30-days notice and leave your space clean and empty.  All utilities and janitorial services are all included in the rent—no hidden costs or fees.


 No long-term leases to sign—all rentals are month-to-month.  Lose a couple band members?  Thinking of adding a children’s  choir?  It's easy to transfer to a bigger/smaller room if your economic situation or space requirements change.


 The vast majority of our studios are small-medium (13 x 13) to medium-large (20 x 20) in size.  We also have a handful of  smaller rooms and very large rooms.  We can accommodate anyone from a single drummer to a 12-piece Mariachi band with  spare-room for recording.  Each practice space is carpeted and sound-proofed and many come equipped with A/C.  Some  locations come equipped with free wi-fi internet access.  We run a respectable place and keep our hallways and bathrooms    clean.


 Building access is via electronic keypad.  Studio doors come equipped with a deadbolt, deadbolt reinforcement sleeve, and two  tempered steel slide bolt latches (with protective covers) that you secure with your own padlocks.  In other words, you are the  only ones that have access to your gear.  Parking lots are well-lit, and most locations include security cameras.